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Everyone at Precision Ringette School looks forward to this summer's camp now that the world has somewhat gotten back to normal after the pandemic. As an affiliate of Richmond Ringette Association, Precision Ringette School was established by Sami Tajbakhsh and Angela Cichos in 2020 when they took over the previously named Rings A'Fire Ringette School, where they had been longtime instructors. Players will be able to prepare for their upcoming seasons in a high-performance environment, regardless of their skill level. 


The camp will help players develop their on-ice skills, including (but not limited to) shooting, passing, checking and skating. The off-ice sessions will include opportunities to get to know other participants and work on fitness.  Most importantly, players will have fun while learning to become the best player they can be in their favourite sport! 


Precision Ringette School hopes to share the same passion and love for the sport the instructors have with you!

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